Corporate Wellness - NOW is the time

corporate wellness Apr 20, 2021

As social distancing and working remotely became mandatory, Employees everywhere are struggling with new challenges of working from home. This means - more Stress.

Companies and Employees agree - Corporate Wellness solutions are more necessary than ever before. Employers and Employees are supported and motivated by coming together via LIVE and Online events specifically tailored to meet their Wellness needs.

LIVE Movement classes, Self-Care workshops, Lunch-Time Wellness Tune-Ups, Virtual Guided Meditation and Breathwork Labs, Yoga Happy Hours After Work - are just some of the many ways to provide the essential Self-Care tools to Companies and their Employees.

Chair Yoga & Breathwork combine therapeutic Yoga, Stretching and Breathing exercises all done while sitting in a chair. Employees can even complete a LIVE Online class without leaving their office or work desk, which makes Chair Yoga & Breathwork the #1 Choice for online Corporate Wellness Solution.

What to expect:

- Therapeutic Breathing exercises

- Therapeutic Full Body Yogic Stretching

- Easy to follow seated and standing poses assisted by a chair


- ease of fatigue

- release of muscle tension & spinal tension

- improved circulation and ease of tension

- pain-free Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Glutes, Middle & Lower Back

- improved leg circulation

- greater joint mobility

- improved posture and balance

- Improved performance, focus and productivity

Chair Yoga & Breathwork deliver the right dose of challenge, relaxation and transformation. Employees dive deep into Self-Discovery through Breath and Gentle Seated & Standing Poses. Your Company doesn't have a Wellness Program in place? NOW is a great time!

For questions, additional info and collaboration, please email: [email protected]