Healed: Lesson In Self-Healing

self-healing Oct 21, 2020


I remember THAT day very well...

I was driving to work and, suddenly, I started to have such intense shaking in my legs and hands that I could barely drive. I felt my heart beats rapidly accelerating. My 1st thought: I am about to have a #heartattack! My 2nd thought: I am too young (37) to have a heart-attack! My 3rd thought: Emergency Room - NOW!

Luckily, the hospital was on my way to work and just a few minutes away. I got there safely and was quickly admitted. I did not have a heart-attack but what the doctors told me came completely unexpected.

LET ME REWIND. In the months prior, I noticed myself feeling more lethargic and less energized. I also noticed that I was losing some weight (without extra effort) and my hair was falling out a bit more than usual. I attributed all of it to higher levels of #stress at the time. My stomach was also getting frequently upset but, once again, I thought I was fine and this was just temporary #disbalance.

After routine tests at the hospital, I was advised to see an Endocrinologist asap to have my Thyroid checked. So, I did.

Sure enough, my lab-work showed that my Thyroid was severely overactive. I was diagnosed with #gravesdisease or #hyperthyroidism. This was the reason for all my symptoms! The endocrinologist gave me a grim prognosis of all that I might endeavor (including surgery) in the years to come. I was put on Methimazole medication. My 1st thought: this cannot be happening to me! My 2nd thought: I am going to #selfheal no matter what! There was no 3rd thought, only an immediate call to action.

I took medication for about 3 months and then stopped. This was my personal decision and, in my heart, it felt right to ME. Fiercely and with Faith, I embarked on my #selfhealing journey.


I refocused. I minimized my stress factors and maximized mind/body/energy integration techniques. I embedded into my Mind the Idea that this Dis-Ease was only a 'temporary visitor' to my #Healthy #Strong #Body. I implemented a thorough daily #selfcare and #selflove routine. I tuned into my ❤ & Body, and I listened. I followed #intuitive guidance WITHIN ME to #HEAL ME.

Within 6 months, I was Graves' Disease-Free.

THAT day was in 2015.

2020 ultrasound (check-up) on my thyroid showed a "curious Phantom shadow" as the Doctor put it, of the 'temporary visitor' that is no longer there.

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