Please Wait, Manifestation in Progress

mindfulness Jun 26, 2020

By now we all have a good idea about The Law of Attraction and the principles behind it. Armed with this New Thought Philosophy, there are those among us who are blissfully sailing the high seas of Life. We watch them in awe and marvel at their striking ability to live life to the fullest, almost effortlessly, and without limits (as it really should be).

Why do many of us get so inspired by the idea of personal Reality Manifestation but we stop progressing forward? Why do we fall victim to our limiting beliefs and experience frustration followed by disappointment? The answer is three-fold.

  1. We are so used to having quick-fixes to our problems that we expect the same fast output from our Reality manifestation practice. Here, patience is a virtue. The universe undeniably responds to our intentions but in small increments and at unhurried pace. It sends us signs and presents alternative possibilities. If we are attuned to recognize and accept these, we are bound to move closer in the direction of our goals. Moving towards any goal is a carefully executed process, which must be fully savored and celebrated every step of the way. This is key. Enjoy the journey.
  2. Our minds think, while our hearts know. We are taught and conditioned to listen to our minds and not to our hearts. Surely, internal discourse of a thinking mind is easier to hear than the gentle whispers of the knowing heart. However, untamed mind has tendency to create fear and doubt, blocking the energies that lead to the manifestation of your goals into reality. Relying on the guidance of the knowing heart in manifestation practice helps replace doubt with unwavering faith, fueling the 'determination to have what we desire. Mind your heart: less logic, more personal magic.
  3. We are so used to being in control that the idea of release and surrender is often unimaginable. With Reality Manifestation practice, it is essential to surrender control and simply trust the Universe. Let me repeat: Trust the Universe. This is key component of the Reality manifestation practice and it involves a daily practice of cultivating trust and surrender within. When you begin to 'feel' that the Universe has your back, your stress levels decrease and you deal more calmly and effectively with Life situations. Most importantly, you stop rushing and realize that all masterpieces take time. You trust that the Universe has a plan for you that will reveal itself at the right time, like a true Masterpiece.


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