Positivity & Celebration of Life as a Habit

mindfulness Apr 25, 2021

It is not always easy to be positively radiant. Circumstances such as sudden Global crisis can make this whole 'happiness' business quite complicated. But, you must, absolutely must be happy for everything you have in present moment.

From a practical standpoint, it is not beneficial for you to manifest unhappiness. After all, don't you desire to be on the path of life where you feel contentment and satisfaction? But, how can you possibly get there if you radiate discontentment and dissatisfaction?

You must be mindful and selective to which news you allow to enter your heart and your life. Consciouosly protect yourself from the flow of negative news and, instead, stay open to the flow of positive news. For example, instead of focusing on the Covid-19 sickness and mortality statistics wordwide, focus on amazing scientific progress worldwide in development of the coronavirus vaccine.

It is essential to notice even the smallest positive changes, admiring and magnifying them to the point of glory. These are true signs that the High Tide of Life is coming. The moment you hear positive news with the slightest glimpse of hope, do not immediately forget, as you would in the past. On the contrary, savour all positive bits of news, discussing them enthusiastically with others and consciouslly continue to seek them out.

Being in a positive relationship with Self and the external environment allows you to transmit harmonious signals into the world. In this way, you surround yourself with harmonious energy waves where everything happens for your benefit. Positive attitude always leads to positive manifestation and success. The moment your celebration of life becomes a habit, you will find yourself continuously on the High Tide of Life.

Let us be contagious with optimism and positivity, spreading only good vibes.


Natalia Maslova, Mindfulness In Motion (MIM) Wellness Training & Coaching.

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